Oh, My God, Becky… Look At Your Butt: 3 Tricks To Boost Your Bottom

You must be one of those rap guys girl friends or somethin’…. because when you utilize these 4 bodybuilding tricks you will boost your bum and come away with the @$$ of your dreams…

Hip thrusts are your friend. Seriously, you will thank us.

Bret Contreras, otherwise known as the “Glute Guy”, loves the hip thrusts for helping his clients to grow their butts without over growing their upper legs. While many women do like a larger upper leg, others do not. There is no wrong answer – bodybuilding is all about building the body that you want, not the one the industry tells you that you should want. Hip thrusts are a great way to isolate your glutes, keeping leg activation to a minimum.

Try creatine. It isn’t just for the guys.

While not a supplement that women take regularly, creatine can really help you to get more out of your sessions at the gym. Creatine is a powder that works by drawing water into your muscle cells, helping you to not only see bigger gains but also have more energy. Some people do notice bloating while using creatine, however, this is from water inside your muscles, not the kind you experience after a salty meal or PMS.

Rest. Rest. Rest. Seriously – go.

Some beginners make the mistake of going full-on, balls to the wall when they lift. The more you lift, the better your results, right? Wrong. While you are preparing your body to grow at the gym, your body does the real work while you rest, knitting your muscles back together bigger and stronger. If you train the same body part day in and day out, you will just continue to break your muscles down… never seeing any true gains. Think of your rest days as just as important as your gym days. Space your lifts out at least 24 hours apart.

Growing your butt takes time and dedication… it also takes a hell of a lot of hard work. However, when you put your all into what you are doing and keep your eye on the prize, you will see the results that you crave. So, go ahead. Get off the couch and get your butt to the gym, because when you train it hard and challenge yourself, even Becky will stop to say “OMG” and throw shade at that curvy, bubble butt of yours.